Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

11 May 2023 0 Comments 2 tags

What Are Wisdom Teeth? Wisdom molars, also known as third molars, are the last set of permanent teeth to emerge in the mouth. They usually emerge in late adolescence or

50 Food Items To Have After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

8 May 2023 0 Comments 2 tags

After dental surgery, it is essential to follow special precautions to promote healing and avoid complications. One of the most important things to consider is your diet. You should avoid

FAQs for Dental extraction?

21 April 2023 0 Comments 2 tags

Q: What is Dental extraction? A: Dental extraction is the removal of a troublesome tooth from its socket in the jawbone. Q: How is Dental Extraction Performed? A: Dental extraction

DENTAL EXTRACTION (or tooth extraction or tooth pulling)

16 April 2023 0 Comments 4 tags

Dental extraction, also known as tooth extraction, is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the jawbone. Dental extraction is usually performed as a